An optional 10% service charge will be added to all tables, all of which is shared fairly amongst our staff.

White Wine

  • 24.95 (Bottle)

    Glass 250 ml  £8.25 Glass 175 ml  £6.35 Glass 125 ml £6.15


Red Wine

Rose Wine


Beer and Ciders


  • Midori and Peach Schnapps are shaken with fresh lime juice and topped with a splash of grenadine.

  • Tequila, lychee juice, peach schnapps, lime juice and grenadine

  • 9.95

    Rum, triple sec, almond syrup, fresh lime and pineapple juice

  • Gin, blackberry puree, and lime juice

  • DMF Passion Fruit rum and passion fruit puree with fresh lime juice and mint

  • Rangoon ZombieDMF Spiced Rum and white rum mixed with our in-house zombie mix and pineapple puree

  • DMF Pineapple and Passion Fruit rums mixed with our in-house pirate mix

  • The usual suspects served with fresh lime & cola

  • 10.95

    Creamy blend of coconut, pineapple juice and rum

  • Blended strawberries mixed with fresh lime and rum

  • Gin is shaken with Sicilian lemon juice and British elderflower

  • 9.95

    Rum, fresh lime juice and mint with a splash of soda

  • Lychee wine, dark rum, fresh lime juice and mint, topped with lychee juice

  • Thai rum with vanilla syrup, peach schnapps and passion fruit juice.

  • Vodka, passion fruit puree, vanilla syrup served with a shot of prosecco on the side.


Cocktail Jugs








Soft Drinks

Fresh Juices